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ROCKETHYPE.NET first began as a project for a web design class that I'm taking at school (IM 270), but I've had the idea for a while and I'd like to actually do something with it. I wanted a site that would host an archive of the radio shows that I've done for OVERCAST HYPE, but I also wanted to create my own grunge site/blog. The site will also be somewhat of a creation of personal stuff to (it's not exactly done yet), but I wanted something that might be able to serve as a resume for the radio work that I've done as well as the web design work that I've done. I'm planning on really going into detail where the grunge section is concerned; I'd like to really create a site that has a shitload of information about the grunge movement that shook the world in the 90's and gave way to the alternative music that rides radio waves today. It's something that totally and completely interests me in every way possible, it's the music that I prefer over any other and I want to share what I know with other people.

Another thing that I really want to eventually focus on with the making of this website is a Riot Grrrl Awareness page. I'm currently working on a single page but hopefully I can soon create a completely separate site to really get the word out.