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  • 1 pair of converse


DJ ROCKET is your weekly host of OVERCAST HYPE: The Sounds of Seattle, not to mention the creator of this site! :)

JACKIE LONG, AKA DJ ROCKET is a student at DePaul University who fell in love with the story of Seattle, and dedicates herself to informing the public about this important era of music history. Someday, she hopes to graduate from college radio and move on towards heavily influencing alternative radio on an FM station. In her spare time, she enjoys playing guitar, ordering out for pizza, dying her hair, decorating her apartment and watching the 90's cult classic, Are You Afraid of the Dark?


hometown = philadelphia
favorite color = orange
favorite bands = smashing pumpkins, hole, seaweed, third eye blind, etc.
favorite food = pizza
favorite movies = into the wild, primal fear, london, pizza, requiem for a dream
favorite TV shows = seinfeld, my so called life